The Project Intro

This blog documents the conception and development of a specific project. Here you can track the development of this collaborative project as we go from general idea to specific implementation. All of this surrounds the adaptive reuse of a shipping container into a sustainable, student-run art exhibition space.
Tom Ashcraft, Associate Professor of GMU Sculpture Dept., found and placed an old metal shipping container in the sculpture yard next to the Fine Arts Bldg. The container will eventually be used as an exhibition space for students, providing a non-traditional exhibition space in which to show their work. In the meantime, Daniel Dean, Tom Nutt & Blake Turner have been considering how to get it in shape and what the presence of the container indicates. It is an artifact of globalization that appears to have come from as far away as Korea and the story hidden in its shell promises to be very interesting. We've taken on the task of rehabilitating & repurposing this object & its space while in the process, investigating it's archeology, aesthetics and cultural status. We will work toward our own exhibit that will present our documentary findings, along with new visual work utilizing the container as a generator of ideas.

Recycling & sustainability will feature large in this project. Recycling the container itself into an exhibition space but also utilizing recycled and found materials throughout this process. We're looking to secure funding and technological assistance for developing a self-contained, human, wind and solar based electrical system to power the space. This aspect is in keeping with GMU's President Merton's commitment to make the university zero emissions in the near future.

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