"Brand new" recycled pallet floor

Here are some images of our "pallet parquet" floor, looking spectacular with a few coats of water-based poly on it to give it some shine and protection from wear. Notice the variety of paints, stains, grains and widths that give it a collectively ragtag look - it reminds me of a quilt in a way.


Chill said...

Can you tell us how you laid the floor? You didn't cut tongue and groves into them I assume? Did you nail them down?
They came out great

Karin said...

Ditto question from Chill - We'd love to re-use some pallets for our floor - did you just straight nail them in? Plane it at all? blah blah blah? Please publish a post with a "how to"! You'd be a hero!!!

Lkrohn said...

Beautiful job! It looks to me they sunk screws in all 4 corners of each board.

Cassie Tyler said...

Pallet floors are looking different yet beautiful and what important thing I noticed is the wonderful finishing touch for the floors.

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